Reviews & Endorsements

The best reviews and endorsements are from parents and kids. Here are just a few notes we've received about the book. We'd be delighted to hear from you too.

"WE love your book!!!!!  Our son is now observing ice skating all over the place."                     

"Just want to let you know that I ordered your book on Amazon and our daughter loved it! She has been trying to figure out how to skate and has been falling a lot, so literally it was very relevant. I like the other messages in it too! Thanks so much for writing it!!"                         







Anyone who wishes to introduce their children to ice skating will find this book helpful." 

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"What a VERY cute book. I just had a skating coach come in and she read the story and said it gave her some new ideas!!"

-- Pamela
    Brooklyn, NY

-- Heather
    Ashland, MA

-- Jo Ann Schneider Farris Figure Skating Guide

-- Ginger Swartz-Kuhn

    Harlick Skating Boots -- San Carlos, CA